Proform Elliptical Trainers - Are They Best For You?

Shopping for an elliptical trainer? Thinking about a Proform elliptical?

There are several reasons people choose Proform crosstrainers. Proform offers a large selection of elliptical models to choose from.

They're also extremely affordable - which many people appreciate in a down economy.

If you're looking for a Proform elliptical, there are a few things you should know before you buy to help you get a better deal. Here they are:

#1 Know What You Want First

Before you go looking for any elliptical trainer, you should have an idea of what you want first. For example, do you want a longer 18 - 20" stride (which will help work your leg muscles more fully and give you a better workout)? Do you want an iPod port to listen to your favorite workout tunes?

Are you planning on long extended workouts (which means you should probably go with a higher end elliptical with a solid based, high user weight capacity and high unit weight)?

By knowing exactly what you're looking for, you'll find it easier to filter out your buying options. This is especially important as Proform tends to make a lot of different elliptical models - so you have lots of options.

#2 Front Drive or Rear Drive?

Proform makes a variety of elliptical trainers - both with front drive and rear drive designs.

What's the difference?

Well, front drive ellipticals have the flywheel or drive mechanism in front of the pedals whereas rear drive ellipticals place the flywheel behind the pedals.

Front drive ellipticals tend to give you a more inclined elliptical path (similar to stair climbing) whereas rear drive tend to give you a flatter elliptical path (similar to walking or running). It really depends on you what you prefer.

#3 Expect Some Cool Toys

Proform packs some cool toys into their machines. Many of them you won't see on other ellipticals.

There are models with folding options, iPod docks, built-in fans to keep you cool, fitness tracking journals and more. Some of these toys can really enhance your workout and get you excited about exercising.

#4 Know What To Expect

Pro form elliptical trainers are starter machines. Knowing this means you know what you're getting.

With these ellipticals ranging from $499 to $999, don't expect commercial grade construction and squeak-free workouts (although it would be nice if that happened). With ellipticals you get what you pay for. And Proform is no different.

If you buy a cheap machine, expect to have some bumps in the road. You might have to tighten the bolts on the elliptical on a regular basis or add some machine lubricant to get rid of squeaks. As long as you know this, you won't be surprised or disappointed.

One way to protect yourself is to buy extra warranty coverage on your elliptical. Another way would be to look around and try to get the best Proform model you can find - when it's on sale. So it's better to get a $999 machine on sale for $699 than it is to get a $699 machine that's not on sale.

So is Proform for you?

Regardless of which elliptical brand you choose, take your time and really look at what each brand offers you.

One of the best things about Proform elliptical trainers is that they're affordable if you're on a budget.

While they aren't commercial grade ellipticals by any means, they do carry a lot of fun features like iPod docks, adjustable stride lengths, one touch resistance and specialized weight loss workout programs.


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