Nordic Track Exercise Bike - 3 Key Benefits of NordicTrack Recumbent Bikes

Thinking about a Nordic Track exercise bike? Wondering if it's the right choice for you?

Nordic Track is one of the most popular names in stationary bikes. And they make several popular recumbent bikes.

This article will outline 3 of the main benefits that the newer recumbent bikes from Nordic Track along with a few things you should know before you buy.

First of all, Nordic Track is owned by ICON Health and Fitness - one of the largest fitness equipment makers in the world. They also own brands like Freemotion, Proform and Healthrider.

NordicTrack is one of their higher end brands and ICON puts most of their latest technology tools into this brand first. They also tend to have better warranties than their other brands.

So if you're thinking of a NordicTrack, here are 3 of the main benefits you'll find on their latest exercise bikes.

1) iFit LIVE

Some of the newer models come with iFit LIVE compatibility. This is a very cool feature that connects your bike to the Internet (using the wireless in your home.)

From there you can download customized workouts, workouts from Jillian Michaels (where she coaches you through your workout) and more. You can map out new trails to ride using Googlemaps or choose from pre-designed routes as well.

You can also track your fitness and nutrition stats online to see how far you've come, set new goals, etc. If you want a new challenge (or you get bored easily) this is a great option to get on your bike.

2) Padded, Adjustable Seats

Many of these bikes come with gel-padded seats, adjustable to your height for a more comfortable ride. You'll even find step-through design on a few models - which means you don't have to jump over a pesky divider every time you get on the bike.

Some also come with adjustable handlebars so you can further customize the bike setup to your body

3) Backlit Consoles

The problem with many of the cheaper bikes (under $1000) is that your console is not backlit. This can make it very difficult to read your workout stats - especially if lighting in your workout area is limited. You'll find yourself leaning forward a lot, straining to see your stats like time, distance, heart rate etc.

NordicTrack exercise bikes come with large, fully backlit consoles - which makes it easy to keep track of your workout. They also show other things in the console (depending on the model) like maps if you're using iFit LIVE or instructions.

One final benefit to Nordic Track exercise bikes is that they are affordable. With most models coming in under $800, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable, strong bike with lots of fun features built-in.

Be aware however that there are several different models at different price ranges. So if you do decide on a NordicTrack recumbent bike, take your time to research and find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.


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